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Featured Items

Make & Model  Price Comments
AB Sciex Triple TOF 5600+ Call/Email 2 years old in excellent condition with <200 samples run
Illumina cBot Call/Email Excellent condition
Illumina HiSeq 2500 Ver.4 System Call/Email Excellent condition still under Illumina service
1100 MSD G1946D
$24,000 Includes: Rough pump and computer with ChemStation software.
1100 MSD G1956B
(next generation)
$45,000 with 1100 series HPLC (LC-MSD)

High throughput Oligo Synthesizers

Make & Model Price Comments
BLP 96 “Dr. Oligo”  Call/Email x capacity, less reagent consumption and better software than old ABI 3900. Many options available
BLP 192 “Dr. Oligo”  Call/Email 2 plates, 8 min. cycle time. Many options available
Bioautomation Mermade 192  Call/Email 192-well. Includes: installation, and warranty
Bioautomation Mermade 384  Call/Email 384-Well. Includes: installation, and warranty

Oligo Synthesizers

Synthesizes oligonucleotides crucial to the DNA sequencing process, PCR, and other molecular biology processes. Can be used to locate specific sites and regions on DNA molecules. A variety of throughput options are available.

Make & Model  Price Comments
Expedite 8909  Call/Email   Rebuilt w/ new ABI valves, 90-day warranty. + $3,500/trityl.Easily modified for micro-RNA. M.O.S.S available
ABI 394  Call/Email   Rebuilt: 90-day
ABI 394  Call/Email   Trityl, MAC, rebuilt  Easily modified for micro-RNA.
ABI 392  Call/Email   Rebuilt; 90-day

Oligo Sequencers

Oligo Sequencers are Sanger based DNA analyzers that determine the sequence of nucleotide residues that comprise a molecule.

Make & Model  Price Comments
ABI 3730XL  Call/email Includes warranty
ABI 3130xl  Call/email Includes warranty
ABI 310 XP  Call/email Includes warranty

Real-time PCR

Real-time PCR – a quantitative method for the determination of a cope number of polymerase chain reaction templates such as DNA or cDNA.

Make & Model  Price Comments
ABI 7900HT       Call/Email 96-well, or 384-well includes warranty
ABI 7700  Call/Email Includes warranty
ABI 7000     Call/Email Includes warranty
BioRad iCycler IQ4  Call/Email 4 Color Includes warranty

Peptide Synthesizers

Peptide Synthesizers assist in the production of peptides, organic compounds in which multiple amino acids are linked via amide bonds.

Make & Model  Price Comments
ABI 433  Call/Email Original, ABI-supportable 433; 90-day warranty
ABI 432  Call/Email Rebuilt, 90-day warranty
Symphony (Rainin/PTI)  Call/Email Windows. Rebuilt, warranted

Peptide Sequencers

Peptide sequencers determine the order amino acid residues lie in a chain within peptides and proteins.

Make & Model  Price Comments
ABI 494 HT  Call/Email Refurbished with new data system, installation, and warranty
ABI 492 cLc  Call/Email Refurbished with new data system, installation, and warranty
ABI 473/476  Call/Email Includes computer, and software

Mass Spectrometers - LC/MS, MS/MS & ION TRAPS

Mass spectrometers measure the masses and relative concentrations of atoms and molecules.

Make & Model  Price Comments
Seldi BioRad/Ciphergen 4000 ToF-MS Call/Email Includes warranty
Thermo Orbitrap XL Call/Email Includes warranty
HP Agilent G1946B LC/MSD Call|Email Includes warranty
Agilent 1100 MSD G1946D Call/Email Includes warranty
Sciex API 3000 Call|Email Includes: installation in the U.S,  and warranty
Sciex API 4000 QTRAP Call/Email LCs are available. Includes warranty
Sciex API 4000 Call/Email LCs are available. Includes warranty


Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry is a technique in which a co-precipitate of a UV-light absorbing matrix and a biomolecule are irradiated by a nanosecond laser pulse.

Make & Model  Price Comments
Bruker UltrafleXtreme MALDI-TOF/TOF (2009) Call/Email Excellent working condition. Last PM by Bruker Feb. 2015
Voyager DE Call/Email Includes: installation, and warranty
Voyager DE PRO Call/Email Includes: installation, and warranty
Voyager MALDI lasers Call/Email Rebuilt, warranty. Install available
Service/Contracts available on Voyager, MALDIs.

GC & other Mass Spectrometers

GC/other MS mass spectrometer combines the features of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry to identify different substances within a test sample.

Make & Model  Price Comments
HP/Agilent 6890 w/ 5973 Call/Email

Includes warranty

Liquid Handlers

Liquid handlers dispense precise quantities of liquid samples, reagents or solvents to various lab instruments.

Make & Model  Price Comments
Agilent / Velocity 11 : VPrep Call/Email Includes warranty
Agilent / Velocity 11: Bravo Call/Email Includes warranty
Beckman Multimek 96/384 Call/Email Includes warranty
Leap/CTC Analytics HTS PAL Call/Email Includes warranty
Zymark Caliper: Sciclone ALH 3000: Call/Email Includes warranty
Hamilton Microlab Starlet Call/Email Includes warranty
Perkin Elmer JANUS MDT Standard Call/Email Includes warranty
Beckman Biomek FX Call/Email Single arm 96-well includes warranty
Tecan Freedom EVO 200 Call/Email Includes warranty


NMRs, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, determines the structure of organic compounds.

Make & Model  Price Comments
Supercon Magnet Systems  Call/Email Prices are significantly less than iron magnet systems, and at a much higher field strength 
Supercon available models:  Call/Email 200, 250, 270, 300, 360, 400 and 500

Flow Cytometers

Flow Cytometers count and examine microscopic particles, such as cells and chromosomes by suspending them in a stream of fluid and passing them through an electronic detection apparatus.

Make & Model  Price Comments
BD Influx  Call/Email 4-laser, 12-color sorter
BD FACSAria  Call/Email 2 laser, 7 color sorter with Aria Workstation
BD FACScan  Call/Email 3 color, installation/service available 
FACSCanto  Call/Email 2 laser, 6 color

Capillary Electrophoresis

Capillary Electrophoresis, separates ionic species by their size-to-charge ratio in the interior of a small capillary. Can be used in conjunction with a mass spectrometer to obtain identities of sample components.

Make & Model  Price Comments
Agilent G1600 AX Call/Email 3D system, includes warranty
Beckman P/ACE MDQ Call/Email with LIF option, includes warranty
Beckman P/ACE MDQ Call/Email with UV/Vis, or DAD, includes warranty 
Beckman Coulter CEQ 8800 Call/Email Offers considered


Make & Model  Price Comments
Illumina Beadstation 500GX  Call/Email Bead Array Reader, includes warranty
BioRad/Ciphergen SELDI Series 4000 ToF-MS Call/Email  Chip reader. Good working condition.
Ciphergen Protein Chip Reader  Call/Email Includes warranty
Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer  Call/Email (G2938C) chip reader, includes warranty
Agilent G2565B  Call/Email Includes warranty
Genepix 4200A scanner  Call/Email 4 laser microarray scanner, includes warranty
Genepix 4000A scanner  Call/Email Microarray scanner

Spot Pickers, and Gel Readers

Make & Model  Price Comments
Typhoon 9400   Call/Email Includes warranty
Typhoon 9410   Call/Email Includes warranty 
Typhoon Trio+   Call/Email Includes warranty 


Microscopes magnify objects for analysis.

Make & Model  Price Comments
Zeiss 510 META confocal  Call/Email One inverted, one standard
Meridian ACAS 570C LSCM  Call/Email  
AFMs  Call/Email Atomic Force Microscopes available
SEMs  Call/Email Scanning Electron Microscopes available
TEMs  Call/Email Transmission Electron Microscopes available
Optical  Call/Email Available


Thermal Cyclers amplify segments of DNA via the polymerase chain reaction.

Make & Model  Price Comments
ABI 9700 96-well silver block Call/Email Includes warranty
ABI 9700 96-well gold block Call/Email Includes warranty
Eppendorf MasterCyclers Call/Email 96-well, and 384-well available
MJ Research Tetrad PTC-225 Call/Email 96, or 384-well 


Make & Model Comments
  Contact us for your HPLC, and FPLC needs..We carry most configurations from manufacturers such as: Agilent, Waters, Shimadzu, etc.


Spectrophotometers measure light intensity as a function of wavelength, commonly used for the measurement of transmittance or reflectance of solutions, transparent or opaque solids or gases.

Make & Model  Price Comments
Beckman DU 640 UV/Vis  Call/Email Includes warranty
Beckman DU 530 UV/Vis  Call/Email Includes warranty
Agilent 8453 Diode Array  Call/Email Price depends on accessories
MD SpectraMax Plus  Call/Email High throughput microplate reader

Any further questions you may have can be answered by Grizzly's knowledgeable technical staff.


For all other inquiries regarding instrumentation not listed, call or e-mail to request a quote.