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About Us


Founded in 1990, Grizzly Analytical was one of the few companies that realized selling quality used lab equipment would give researchers like you a chance to buy more for less. By purchasing pre-owned laboratory equipment, you can gain more ground with your research using the budget at hand. It is nice to purchase new, but not always necessary.

Grizzly Analytical specializes in the sale of high-quality, used laboratory equipment worldwide. Sequencers, Mass Spectrometers, Real-Time PCR, and Synthesizers to name a few. Traditionally, we have been able to save our customers between 50%-80% off of new list prices. Our equipment is fully tested or refurbished to meet the manufacturer’s specifications. We never purchase equipment from auctions. We have worldwide valued relationships with universities, research institutions, and independent laboratories, which gives us access to high-quality used laboratory equipment. We also work directly with manufacturers and leasing companies. Our team will make the process easy and affordable if you are buying, selling, or trading in used lab equipment.

Grizzly Analytical takes great pride in its contribution to continued discovery in the field of research.


What is Your Return Policy?2018-02-22T12:48:48-05:00

There is a 15% re-stocking fee + the cost of shipping on returns at the discretion of Grizzly Analytical.

If I am purchasing equipment from outside the United States can I use my local currency to make payment?2018-02-22T12:32:43-05:00

All payments to us must be in U.S. dollars.

Can I offer a trade in against the purchase of used lab equipment?2018-02-22T12:32:07-05:00

Yes, just let us know during our initial communication. Of course, not all instruments are viable for trade in.

Where does Grizzly Analytical acquire their equipment?2018-02-22T12:31:29-05:00

We purchase specific pieces of equipment from laboratories, or manufacturers. We never buy at auction, or purchase entire labs.

Do you offer a warranty?2018-02-22T12:30:32-05:00

Yes, unless otherwise specified we have a standard 120 day warranty on instruments purchased from us that have been refurbished and installed by us. If it is equipment coming off lease by the manufacturer, then installation and choice of service contract is offered by the manufacturer.

If I sell my equipment to Grizzly Analytical am I responsible for crating and shipping?2018-02-22T12:29:44-05:00

Once we make our payment to you for the equipment, we are take care of packaging, and removal.

Can you sell equipment for us on consignment?2018-02-22T12:28:10-05:00

Yes, we sell equipment on consignment. We can take it off the premises (if space is needed), or you can keep the equipment in your lab until sold. Our fee for selling on consignment is 15% of the sell price.

What do I do if my package arrives damaged?2018-02-22T12:26:27-05:00

All of our instruments are insured for the total value of the equipment. Contact immediately if boxes, pallets, or crates look damaged.

How can I track my shipment?2018-02-22T12:25:43-05:00

Contact our Operations Manager Peggy Perkins at (843) 452-0553. She can give you information on packing and shipping details.

How long does it take to receive my equipment once I have placed my order?2018-02-22T12:23:12-05:00

It depends on what needs to be done prior to shipping. We estimate delivery between 3-4 weeks from time of order. Of course, if you are one of many that purchase an instrument that is coming off lease through the manufacturer, then delivery is made quickly upon payment.

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