Liquid Handlers

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Tecan Freedom EVO 200
These workstations provide flexibility, offering a choice of pipetting technologies – different base sizes
LEAP Technologies CTC PAL HTS Autosampler
CTC Analytics PAL Sample Handler is primarily designed as high throughput liquid chromatography injector system
Agilent Velocity 11 Bravo Liquid Handler
The Bravo utilizes high-accuracy pipette heads of the VPrep™ pipettor for dispensing from 100 nl to 200 ul in 96, 384, and 1536 well formats, or to a single column, or row of any of these plate types.
Agilent Velocity 11 VPrep Liquid Handler
The VPrep has interchangeable 96 and 384 heads, with a range of 100nl to 250ul.    The VPrep is able to access 8 individual deck locations and is versatile with general purpose platforms for plate replication, reformatting and serial dilutions It can also be configured for more complex molecular biology or cell based assays as a stand alone unit.
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