Plate Readers

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BioTek 800 TSNB Plate Reader Dell Portable Computer Honeywell 1900 Bar Code Reader Q Instrument BioShake Titer Plate Shaker Artel MVS Calibrator Plate Artel MVS Standard Data Manager Software: V 3.3 MODO Mobile Workstation
Molecular Devices Spectramax 250 Plate reader 
An eight channel system has 8 sample beams and 8 reference beams, delivering precision and speed. The Spectramax simplifies direct UV measurement of DNA, RNA, and protein in microplates.
Molecular Devices Gemini XS Microplate Spectrofluorometer 
DNA quantitation, drug screening, and SNP genotyping analysis all require a high level of sensitivity. The Gemini is flexible and filter-free with 1.0 nm increments.  Includes Dell Laptop and preloaded SoftMax Pro
Molecular Devices L-Max II Luminescence Microplate Reader
Next-generation luminescence plate reader. Can read 96 well plates (optional 384 well). Includes PC and software.
Molecular Devices SpectraMax Plus 384 Absorbance Reader
Offers convenience for both standard spectrophotometer and microplate reader applications. Applications for this reader include DNA and RNA quantification, enzyme kinetic assays, and ELISA based assays. Complete with pre-loaded software.
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