Mass Spectrometers

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Quadrupole -Orbitrap Hybrid with IC, Nanospray Flex Ion Source, U3000 Nano Flow RSLCNano system w/out Detector.
Agilent 6550
MassHunter Software Deinstalled
Crated by Agilent
LC is optional

The TSQ Endura has Best-in-class sensitivity. Ultrafast selected-reaction monitoring enables quantification of more compounds in less time. Close integration with application-specific software ensures maximum productivity. Easy method development, and ease of operation.

Sold. This system was never installed. It is still in the original manufacturer packaging. Original invoice is dated 04/2019. Scalable GC-MS platform, fully upgradable from a base configuration to an advanced highly sensitive configuration.
Agilent Mass Spec

Agilent 6560 Ion Mobility Quadrupole Time-of-Flight (IM-QTOF) LC/MS system with Agilent 1260/1290 frontend enables high-performance ion mobility and very precise collision cross section measurements without class dependent calibration standards. The innovative ion funnel technology in this instrument dramatically increases the ion sampling into the mass spectrometer and results in higher quality MS/MS spectra at trace levels.

Temporarily out of stock. Includes: Roughing pumps including pump soundbox/6500 table. Eksigent Ekspot plate spotter with Sonntek S2520 nanoflow UV detector. Eksigent eKspert nanoLC425 with Eksigent 10 port valve, 400 series autosamples, 2 column heaters. Turbo V ion source. Dell Optiplex 9010 workstation with keyboard and screen.
orbi trap
Sold. Passed all factory tests by Thermo. Brand new source. 2018 Field Service Report available.
Sold. Installed new in 2016. Includes: Thermo Trace 1310 GC, Gas Bench II, GC Isolink II, Con Flo IV, UPS, Computer w/ Preloaded software. Excellent working condition when shut down.
HP Agilent 6890 5973 GC-MSD
6890 GC with: ECD – Electron Capture Detector S/SL – Split/Splitless 5973 Mass Selector Detector 7673 Injector/Autosampler Computer with ChemStation software
Sciex API 4000 LC/MS/MS
Triple quad mass spectrometer. The API 4000 LC/MS/MS has a mass range of m/z 5 to 3000. Complete with Dell computer, Windows operating system and Analyst Software.
AB SCIEX API 3200 Triple Quad
Fully tested/Calibrated/Customer Ready Includes: Shimadzu 20 series LC
AB SCIEX 4500 Triple Quad
The  4500 system works great with applications requiring 24 hour quantitation, with the ability to handle repeated injections of complex samples and reliability to minimize downtime.
Agilent 6410A Triple Quad
Agilent 6410A Triple Quad Rough Pump ESI Source Computer with MassHunter Software Optional: Agilent, or Shimadzu LC
Thermo TSQ Quantum Ultra
Includes: Rough Pump ESI Computer with XCalibur pre-loaded Software Fully tested/Calibrated/CustomerReady
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