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Protein Technologies (PTI) Symphony
Symphony 12-channel multiplex peptide synthesizer with 20-liter DMF tank, waste tank, rinse tubes, 20 empty amino acid bottles, 12 Kalrez reusable O-rings for reaction vessels, desktop computer, 4 power cables for 110v A/C, RS-232 communication cable). Refurbished to like new factory spec. 2-Channel option also available. 
CEM Discover Peptide Systhesizer
The CEM Discover series is known for its special features: an enhanced heating capability, and CEM’s new ActiVent® Technology, all in one compact, user friendly system. It has the most advanced technology designed for microwave synthesis.
CEM Liberty Peptide Synthesizer
Microwave energy drives biochemical reactions to completion up to 10 times faster than by conventional methods. This creates peptides of greater purity than can be produced under conventional methods.
Applied Biosystems 433A Peptide Synthesizer
The ABI 433A peptide synthesizer is a fully automated, programmable instrument that performs the chain assembly steps in solid-phase peptide synthesis. The ABI 433A also has a Real-time monitoring feature.
Applied Biosystems Expedite 8909 DNA Oligo Synthesizer
The Expedite 8909  is economical and versatile. It synthesizes DNA and RNA oligonucleotides as well as peptide nucleic acids (PNA) with fast cycle times.  It has great flexibility and increased reagent capacity.
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